Khalil Chishtee


Khalil Chishtee is a texture sculpture artist, who creates fascinating and creative piece out of recycled plastic bags. Chishtee says that art is the voice of its own time and not an echo of another era. He mentions that’s we live in the age of plastic, and plastic bags are the most ordinary form of this material. It goes back to his upbringing where worth does not depend on what you inherit, it depends on who you are. Anything made out of bronze, wood, stone or painted on a canvas carries the appearance of being worth looking at, because of its history, but he says if he can change the impact of that history, one is an artist. This is his inspiration and deeper meaning to try and change the mundane art materials used to create art work into an every day modern material, that gives the same effect, feeling, inspiration and worth to a piece.


The way Chishtee presents and creates his artwork is by knots, stretches, shreds, and binds plastic bags to create his life-sized sculptures of humans in the midst of a moment that is at times tender, at times tragedy, and always combined with raw emotion. Chishtee uses mostly monotone colours and presents his artwork on either a black or white back ground with lights to show the emotions and to show the detail within the sculptures.

The way Chishtee work links in with mine is with the materials we use, for example the plastic bags but Khalil Chishtee has inspired me by creating more 3D sculptures out of recycled material and look for new materials that are not the normal art equipment.

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